Rich Ass
High Klass Don't bother me and I won't realize your crimeTwo faced
You're out of placeYou can't rock out because you ain't the kindWell if you were on the other side of the fence
Well maybe you'd understand
I may freak you out with my raw look
'Cause I just got the feelin' Man !Brain Washed
You're LostYour blindness can't be helped anywayYour Cash
My ClashIt makes me able to say
It makes me able to say
You got the prestige status
You've got the majority mass
Plus you've got a blender by General Motors
And a Tonka Toy dump truck up your assYou'll never look the way I feel
You'll never feel the look in my eyes
Cause I've got the feelin' swimming in my bones
And it's takin over Deep InsideIt's takin' over Deep Inside (repeat)

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