[Part 1: DJ Khaled - I'm On One (Megamix)] [Intro: DJ Khaled & Drake]
I get 'em up! (I'm on one)
I get 'em up! (Fuck it, I'm 'on one)
Finny Music
I get 'em up! (I said I’m on one)
DJ Khaled![Verse 1: Drake]
Uhh, I’m getting so throwed
I ain't went this hard since I was 18
Apologize if I say, anything I don’t mean
Like "what's up with your best friend?
We could all have some fun, believe me
And what's up with these new niggas?
And why they think it all comes so easy?"[Verse 2: King Los & Drake]
So I’m gon get it while I’m here, boy
'Cuz I might not get this opportunity next year, boy
Jeez, guys, I jump on the beat, I go dumb
You knee high and I be on my fee-fi-fo-fum
Was 'bout to put in work like T.I. old guns
But D-I-D-D-Y was on one
These weak-ass rappers come at me, I choke one
My daddy was a soldier, I’m G.I. Joe’s son
Or Jackson, I keep it so G, I’m Joe’s son
I’m top fivin’, you can come see why Los won
Best rapper alive, it ain't up for an option
Nobody’s close to me
I should be up for adoption
I mean, one cell of my brain got Playstation capacity
I’m so outta this world, there're space stations harassing me
My flow’s so a trip that vacations are mad at me
And Einstein couldn’t get straight A’s in a class with me
I out last ‘em, out class and merk you
You scared to go in like you out past your curfew
Ahh shit, don’t talk shit then bullshit
My thoughts get on some Thor shit
It’s war, bitch
That’s how it is, so get up off your coward shit and battle me
I’m so charged up that I could probably shit a battery
You ain't seen nobody, like you skipped anatomy
I’m at your Adam's Apple, shatter atoms automatically
I’m on one, nigga, just a strong young nigga
In my zone, yeah, you fucking with the wrong one, nigga
Like a private Christmas party and you ain't get the message
So just because your present, don’t mean you got presence
And I’m so fucking gifted, you see me go light years
So its like you not here
Even though you right there
What I’ma bout to do to the summer done got the winter shook
Took a page from history and stuck it in the Guinness book
As a bookmark cause I’m book-smart
All my thoughts took action 'cuz my actions took thought
I hope the crown ain't safe, give you a creepy feeling
'Cuz you look up to me and hate me, I’m like a leaky ceiling
You see me kill 'em, how I pounce on these beats
And then I upstage rappers like balcony seats
See I’m in my whip and I got two sluts
Your girl gots hips that I got to touch
Slide it in her lips when I’m bout to nut
Keep your eye on your chick cause I got two nuts
And she on one![Chorus: Drake]
Yeah, fuck it I’m on one
Yeah, I said "I’m on one", fuck it I’m on one[Part 2: Drake - Trust Issues (Megamix)]

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