[Skit Intro: Snoop Dogg, Cedric The Entertainer]
This is Sway
In the morning
In the morning
In the morning!
On Shade 45
Wake yo punk ass up!
Get that crust out ya eyes [Skit: Sway & Tyler James Williams]
Did you bring a verse with you?
Uh, lemme see. You got 6 God?
Oh shit! Damn. This boy, this boy knows his hip-hop! You going with a Drake track?
Like I can just, I-I-I *sigh*. I've got something in there, but like I can't. Nothing's coming to mind, I'm just gonna go. I can go off the head and see what happens
Ok cool, that's good. I trust yo' top
You do?
I trust you off the...pause! Wayment, pause holup. Ok[Intro]
Rrrr Ting (brrt brrt)[Verse 1: Drake]
I'll admit it, I'll admit it (ga, grrra ga ga ga ga)
Finny Music
Watch your motherfuckin' tone, boy (watch that), get hurt, boy (get hurt)
Aww, here go another mo'fucker that don't understand
The concept of puttin' money first, boy (first)
I'm 'bout to hit you with the work, boy (work)
I'm 'bout to hit you with the work, boy (work)
I hate comin' through stuntin' on niggas that I know
Ahh, that's the worst, boy (worst)[Verse 2: Young M.A]
I heard niggas sleeping on me
And I got the heater just incase they creeping on me
Niggas booking me for shows 'cuz they know that im a problem
Tell my niggas get a plate, we gon eat, nomore starving
Big homie Li thats my muhfuckin nigga
And the big homie Jay said imma make you richer
Im workin' workin' workin' January to December
Gotta grind cuz ain't nothing like the feeling of a winner
Im trynna live life got a lot on my agenda
In puerto rico ridin' 4 wheelers in the winter
I wanna be a boss, Ion wanna be a killer
And yeah I got the work but ion wanna be a dealer
I wanna be something muhfuckas can remember
Ya niggas yelling sign her somebody better get her
I remember when you rappers ain't never wanna listen
MA you gotta chill, nah nigga I ain't finish
Its time you pay attention, A beast is in existence
Fuck having bars, nigga im the prison
Ion see no competition, only money in my vision
Yo MA they hatin on you, its funny that you mention
Cuz first they hate on you, then they duplicate ya image
Yeah you could say im wack, that ain't a fact thats ya opinion
And yeah you prolly rap, but that dont mean you gifted
You could talk about money, but that dont mean you get it ahhh man
Ya done got me heated cuz all you niggas trash, it must be what you eat
Yo why the fuck these niggas breathing
Yo tell these wack rappers beat it
Im grindin' all mornin' all noon and all evening
No resting no nappin' no laying no sleeping
We working all weeeeek and all weekend
The hustle is a drug so fuck it im OD-ing
And I know you dykes watchin me, I already peeped it
You could never bee me so pussy keep dreaming
Im a nightmare, this pipe here leave you right there
Red Liiife, thats the gang we dont fight fair
Im so ahead of you niggas, light-years
Check after check after check no night airs
Put the hot thing to ya head leave a price there
They like that's a nigga spitting, nah thats a dyke there
Put ya money where ya mouth at or put the mic there
Im gettin' money, bitches wanna cuff, dont have time there
She said she want paradise well I can bring ya mind there
Open up ya legs put my mmm all inside there
Im a queen with a K sitting in my high chair
Nigga im from Brooklyn you could lose ya life there
Niggas can't rap and they people lyin' to em
Nigga im a beast im a fucking lion to em
Ooo you ain't tuff, why the fuck you lying to em
Thats the type of shit that make me put the iron to em
Put the fire to em
Fuck a lion, im a giant to em
Got the wolves with me and I can have you crying to em
Cry wolf cry wolf pussy cry wolf!
50 K racks
Lookin' like 5 books
Get money
Stop worrying 'bout me cuz nobody heard of you but everybody heard of me
M.A![Verse 3: $avage of FGE]
Bop! Bop! Bop!
Gunshots by the bus stop
Go to school with the tool in the lunchbox
Slung rock, 6 foot no jumpshot
Niggas die young, coming where I'm from
Man it's hot up in the 309
So you gotta keep a 9
Youngins got stripes, fuck Adidas signs
But I'm trying to find the peace of mind
Blowing loud, thinking all about the niggas that I had to leave behind
My uncle in the jail nigga (yeah his ass gone)
Over 10 in the cell nigga (sent his ass home)
Rest in peace my homies dead
Hope I see them boys again
That's heaven or hell nigga (gripping on the chrome)
While I'm thinking 'bout a crime
Selling dimes
Need a dime
Times hard so my momma got another job
Bill due, told the plug that I need 2
Need food, then a motherfucker getting robbed
Went from roaches in the kitchen
Paper plates, it wasn't dishes
Ramen noodles, that's all that I ate nigga
Other shit was too expensive, knew I had to make a difference
So I prayed and asked God for a way nigga
And he told me make music, grind hard
Stay to it man, made me wanna sing like Drake do it
Ohhh I'm just playing but I'm plotting on a milly
Going hard like I can't do it
Nigga whatever it takes, do it
If you gotta rob a bank with a mask and a cape, do it
Putting money in the safe
But I'm thinking about the day that my family's in a place with a gate to it
[?] safe for my brother, he can play in the streets, not worrying about gangs or straight bullets
Cause in the 9 niggas dying all the time
Cross me like a finish line bullets race through him
Got a AK in the 8th grade
Same niggas in the gang ain't a thing changed
But I'm tryna get some money, on the come up with my brothers
If you niggas play with 'em then it's bang bang, bang
And I ain't one to rap boy
15 with the dreams of a jack boy
And nigga I don't ever snitch
But you could call me a rat
Cause if it's cheese in your trap Imma snap boy
Why they had to [?]
But I know you ain't gone you just moved to a safe place
More money, more problems
And they had to [?]
So before they touch a mil' Imma say grace
Dear Father, Imma sinner
And forgive me, cause I swear Imma killer
You could sort 'em out when I send 'em
Had a dream to be a sinner, cause Kareem was my nigga
But I ain't have a sky hook
But my punchlines landing like a right hook
So I stopped shooting bricks, and I started moving zips
Grams for the 15, I got a nice cook
And if you want a feature, you better come up with the cheddar for the 15, you could get a nice hook
Baretta underneath the sweater
Try to setup you'll get wet up
Over 15, you'll get you're life took
God[Verse 4: Talley of 300]
Body on burner (what you know about it)
Hot nigga, no Bobby Shmurda
Test bitch I'm passing out a lot of lead
And you don't need a pencil to be a learner
Find me layin' hands on yo bitch back-side
The girl bad I had to give her some act right
(Yea) after that you know its nap time
Pussy so wet I thought I got baptized
Gawd Shit yea the one that can't deny it
Ain't no sense to wonder why cuz it really don't matter when its divine shit
Let it seep in your mind see i opened your eyes lids
Shine some light inside your window
While they pull a hoax me and my brothers really get it in though
Pray I don't have to pull another kick door
I'm headed where I'm going but what made me is where I been though
And the flow rapture I kick the shit like a karate master
Another body another chapter and they ain't prepared for what's coming after
But when it god flow, there's nothing to stop it that's on the pastor
Boy this shit hotter than the thanksgiving kitchen in the summer time
Like Frankenstein how I'm making shit come alive what they pay to see
Niggas hate the team but like next up to me can’t nobody fuck with mine nigga
And incase you ain't heard the news we them dudes and you know how move with them tools
Like we into fixing and like Willie Dixon nigga every time they sing it’s the blues
Yea only murder from a southside nigga get a smile
Like the joker when your mouth wide nigga or let Mr. Spearkers bang like a alpine nigga
Don’t let the heavens hear your mommas out cry nigga
Yea that’s truth so let it speak I know it hurt but nigga im the streets and the church so thats why everytime
I speak it feel like I gotta preach like handing out s.a.t’s I been giving boys that work
I'll admit it I'll admit it we in the building we the business and we here to tear shit down tell the tenants
We the demolishing
Yea I'm a killer this a killing they probably talk about it but I really live it
If I showed you the flip side of the corn you will see it ain't a difference
Yea cuz I been really popping shit boy so watch your pitch it already be a hit boy
Straight from the hip yea I'm aiming at the fence boy and you don’t wanna see how far it really get boy
Cuz we ride and I won't play with you open up and let the k hit you
Ever seen the beef deeped fried
And shoutout to my city I know you hating motherfuckers living it
Till I'm in the dirt I'm going excerpt apply pressure to you niggas feel it
Yea it's all part of the mission watch how every move I make a million
Like we attacking mailmen yea all my dogs chasing paper with me
And the shit don’t stop no slow full throttle even when we at the top though nigga
Tell them boys we don’t fuck around butting for your crib with more hoes than a brothel nigga
Grattatata[Verse 5: Tyler James Williams]
Nineteenth, been clean like hygiene, tight jeans
Sitting over some high top Nikes
It’s likely you couldn’t stand the one on my scenes
Cause my team has been colder than Antarctica’s ice cream
These are pipe dreams
By that, I mean a pipe bomb in your unconscious psyche
It’s likely, I’ve been seeing tweets on the nightly from each and every person it’s getting me a little hi-fi
And they can bite me, matter of fact, they can fact, check quote and cite me
Cause I’m better than half of these rappers out here
And I’m clear, I need an umpire, sitting right here
Cause I never swing and miss
But every single time I spit for Sway, I only seem to strike fear, I got a mic here
And it’s obvious, I’mma take a bite out of …[Verse 6: Tyler James Williams]
It's obvious, I'mma take a bite out of the unknown
Thug, I've been grown
So keep your comments to yourself
Remember that you’re just sending them from home
Sitting alone on your broke phone, on the family playing cause you couldn’t get one on your own
I’ve been grown, I’m going off the dome
Watch The Walking Dead and you could tell that I grip chrome
Dog, I’m impractical, I’m impractical, I'm impractical…[Verse 7: Tyler James Williams]
I'm irrational, far from practical, album went international
Most have never sold but they act like this stuff is classical
You think rappers had slaves, always believed that it was masterful
So far from facts that you can call me supernatural
Assaultable fictional whose delivery is laughable
Passable affable with a career so collapsible
I'm a tactful lyricist with a flow that's so adaptable
I hope you're ready for your lyrical apothecary
I'm the heart-stopping bloodclot up in your capillaries
Your pulse ain't steady, It's racing faster than Andretti
You're breathing heavy Freddy, close your eyes, I hope you're ready
Came outta nowhere, did I scare you? Grr
An actor-to-rapper who is known around the world
And I can do this part time cause I'm financially secure
And kick a track to Sway cause the publicity is there
Yes I'm aware that my delivery is weird
A rollercoaster flow with the kings that domineer us
A sincere fear what you know could be hypnotic
This is what happens when ebonics and counts as the melodic
My vocabulary is dope like narcotics hooked on phonics
With a compulsory to rhyme that borders on the neurotic
Thunder so supersonic it's gonna be astronomic
And if you appreciate bars this verse must be erotic[Verse 8: Lexii Alijai]

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