Days get darker
Night gets colder
Pain continues
Wish it was over Wish it was overVerse [YungMastu]Before I came up
They never say much
Like when I act no first name bases
I’m not famous
I’m not A-List
Yes the keep acting predaceousAll this
Fake love fake Trust
Fake friends fake lust
I’m tired this timeDefending myself from getting crushEd by fake ness
My greatness will not be televised
It’ll be revolutionized
Look into my eyes
Got all the good vibes
All through the skies
What do you want where is your lies
Verse [Figaro]A nigga getting tired of this shit
Say something out of line they gone find you in a ditch
Playing tic tac toe on my mothafuckin I wrist
I can’t take no more I think my life about to endMay 2 fuckin 3 is day slipped
Only time I cry when it’s my raining
Ain’t no bitch my type unless she a fuckin civic
Y’all niggas stay cappin lil bitch you need to shiftRoar XD might blow my shit
Closed Brackets like casket lid
I have lost episodes like the fuckin Simpson
But soon as they air I’m a different kidChorusDays got darker nights got colder
Pain continues I wish it was over

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