Atonement lyrics

It's less about the words
And more about how they make me feel
Maybe that's not fair
But it's part of my deal
And there's gotta be a reason
My mother hasn't called for a couple weeks
I'm not saying it's her
It's probably 'cause of me
Trying to do my best knowing
The best is all I can do
It's just hard when there's
Things you wish you knew
And I never get to sleep knowing
There's no such thing as a perfect plan
Yeah it can't be helped when
They have got an ace in their hand And there's a feeling in my bedroom
Just like there's a feeling in my chest
One that holds me down
And won't let me leave my bed
It’s from a weight that I can't carry
And a weight that I can’t shed
One that's haunted me since rocky mountain
And will till I'm dead
It's not a bad thing not exactly
It's just difficult at times
When half your brain is
Trying to tell you that
You're nothing but a liar
I wouldn't change it if I could
It's just some days I grow so tired
And that's just something that'll have to be fineSo I'll try to be a person unaffected by the dark
Who remains calm and kind when
Things they come undone
And I'll try to be a person with
Nothing left to give but love
A better partner friend brother neighbor and son
And I’ll try not to be a slave to
All my sick conniving ways
I'll try to rid myself of all things drenched in hate
And I'll fill myself with purpose
And all this reasoning to live
But some days I don't have enough to give
Most days I don't have enough to give
Most days I don't have enough to give
Most days I don't have enough to give

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