Oh you so tired of this life well then [?] about it
[?] ATM taking [?] into habit
[?] moving way too fast
Got my 'chete in my passenger she hatin' [?]
Woah [Verse 1]
Look her in my [?] baby
I don't give no [?] baby
Sometimes I wonder if you hate me
(Sometimes I wonder if you hate me)
Okay its 7:30, right on the dot
Okay we in the mountains, we ain't gon' stop
2018 supreme, down to my socks
I'm ballin' with the team, I drop the top
(I drop the top)
(I drop the top)
(Top, top)
(Top, top)[Verse 2]
Okay I drop the top, with the squad
.785 in the top, fuck the cops
Wonder how we stay alive
I'm from the west side, but I run thе east side
Like Tony Martin I shoot it up you bеtter be quiet
I'm gon' smoke a zip, now I'm feeling way up
I've been wondering how I'm gonna stay up
Sauceville bitch comin' with the layup
Asking for a feature, boy you better pay up
Yeah you better pay up (up)
(Yeah you better pay up) (up)
(Yeah you better pay up) (up)
(Yeah you better pay up) (up)
[Verse 3]
Run it back to 2020, bitch I [?] myself
Rolling marijuana switches, bitch I bought 'em off the shelf
[?] never asking for the help
Swipe the genesis and then you know I [?]
And no, I don't give not fucks about you or the friends you got
I'ma swerve right on the light, you can't tell me to stop
I'm climbin' up the ladder, right up to the top
I'm drippin' to the floor, bitch call me a mop[Verse 4]
Balenciaga socks, how I'm spendin' all this guap
Not no 15 dollar [?] 'til I drop
I whip around Ford, this ain't no Mercedes bitch
I really lived this life, I don't just say this shit, yeah
We [?] taking shots, yeah
Hanging out the window off to rot, yeah
It ain't me it's just the liquor talking, yeah
It ain't me it's just the liquor talking, yeah

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