Pure lyrics

I'm at one with peace
I am pure, I won't disturb the elderly
By knocking at their door
I spread my worth, my knowledge
With anyone who asks
I walk down the street
Wearing my mask, to stop the spread of virus
I truly am the best person, no one can out do me
Not anymore, because I have spent my time
Practicing kindness and wellbeing
Now see my scene, please
(Ugh, that beat is fucking stupid, let's switch it up) [Verse 1]
{Fat Arsed Beatrice)
(Fat, fat, fat Arsed Beatrice)
(Fat Arse, fat fat)
They say Fat Arsed Beatrice is down the lane
So I'll go to tell them "You're fucking insane"
That they aren't purified by the holy spirirt
So for me they deserved, I will get there
But not forget

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