Fashawn Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #070




[Intro: Fashawn, DJ Sourmilk & Justin Credible]
So much pressure
Nah come on man you built for this man, it’s the LA Leakers (yeah)
Justin Credible, Sourmilk (that’s right)
Aah Yo, Fresno’s here man (wow)
Ay, ay, don’t let the um, the Niners jacket fool you, ya’ heard?
Fash repping that Northern California right? (Or is it, is it Central?)
Central California to be exact, you know what I’m saying? (Right in the middle)
Let’s put this Central Cali on the map (yYah)
Shout out to my boy Zee Will, you know what I’m saying, he in the building too
Uh, what it do (Fashawn’s here)
Or what a dookie
Should I come before the one or like after the onе? Probably like-
Or should I let it breathе? Just a little Yeah we could let it breathe a little bit
Should I lubricate it or just go right in? (Ugh, that’s up to her, that’s up to her) (Wow wow wow wow) [Verse: Fashawn, DJ Sourmilk & Justin Credible]
Yo, I made it out the jungle like Jabari (’kay)
Hundreds in the Safari
As a youngun, all I ever wanted was a Ferrari
Tailor-made suits and alligators for my Mauri
Meanwhile my stomach rumbling like a Harley
Momma stumbled in, m-mumbling off Bacardi
Unaware they identified her son in a robbery
Coulda been anybody but luckily never got me
Transition of rap, from Saran wrap bricks in the trap
Distributing crack
Wiggling through the industry as if it was the avenue
You in it for the clout, I’m in it for the collateral (yeah)
What you think I rhyme for, to push a Honda Accord?
It’s worth a dollar sign every time I record
Made it from the bottom, survivor’s remorse
Bullet holes in brick walls, uh
Nigga I’m from the gutter that piss-stained pavement
You get your first 12-gauge at age 10
Where there’s too many snakes, rats making statements
My niggas go and grab sticks, they cavemen
‘Nuff of that, brush it under a rug my rugged past found another path to come up with cash that’s legal
Stats, that’s regal, Fash stack zeros
I attract money like Magneto
Nigga, my karma straight, I’m beyond the great
Can’t wait to invite y’all to the don’s estate let’s go man
Acres of land (yeah), a lawn a lake
Alarms at gate, firearms in case
A motherfucker trying- uh
He gon’ end up a mummy don’t ever play with my money nigga
Yo, my talent was my ticket outta poverty
I never bought a ticket to the lotteryI mean that (’kay), I mean that
Never bought a ticket to the lottery
Never, never (not once)
Powerball, none of that, never (okay, okay)Yo, I wish my black skin was bulletproof
Peaceful but not saying I wouldn’t shoot
Shit, the way these gun laws is designed
You draw one of yours I can draw two of mine
You get carried by six in a box, usually pine
I get judged by 12, get locked and do the time

Thinking shit’s sweet like Ben & Jerry’s
‘Til they find ya’ name under obituary
Why Kevlar be my favorite cloth
Haters can’t wait for him to take it off
I tell God not to wait at all
I press decline when the angels call
Too many to name, too many to mourn
Still when one of my niggas die another is born
You seen the murder rate, you want a early grave?
How niggas let Zimmerman live?
I’m sick, you niggas rather kill innocent kids
You turn coward when it come to ours
I’m watching brothers get devoured every other hour, uh
It’s inevitable, what the devil’ll do
It’s either hell or heaven for you
You never could choose
What if Fash was the next rapper dead on the news
For trolling, willing to do whatever for views
I don’t wanna be a Tekashi
That’s why I’m never in front of the paparazzi
A pistol and a vest is no longer protection
When you live life with a death wish
These little niggas yapping
Like they ain’t never seen a casket
Acting as if it can’t happen to you
You seen the murder rate, you want a early grave?
You should listen to these words I say, Shawn[Outro: Fashawn, DJ Sourmilk & Justin Credible]
Fashawn baby
Yes sir, wow
Central Cali you know what it is, Mass Appeal
Yes sir, don’t let the Niners jacket fool you it’s Fresno in the building boy
It’s what it is man
Justin Credible Sourmilk the LA Leakers Power 106 number one for hip hop

Water with no gas

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