[Hook: Nate Dogg]
Y'all can't deny it, I'mma fuckin' rider
You don't wanna fuck with me
Got scales in the trunk with me
Switching lanes, do a buck with me
Y'all can't deny it, I'mma fucking rider
You don't wanna bang with me
And you know I brought my gang with me (ok)
Niggas trip, I got my thang with me [Fabolous]
Yo, if they want it, cowards get it
They still wonder how I did it
Now y'all with it, these niggas see how I spit it
Huh, these bitches see how I kit it
You can hear my coupe a block away
Bitches be yellin, "Let Me Ride" like they Snoop and Dr. Dre
I keep spittin, them clips copped on those calicos
Keep shittin, with ziplocks of that cali dro'
Keep hittin, and shift blocks for that cali dough
Keep gettin, my tip rocked by them cali hoes
It's William Bonnie, stealin' mamis
Dance closely, even though they feel the llamies
I ain't tryin' to send police to ya res'
I'm tryin' to put this piece to ya chest
And you in peace wit the rest
You can release to the press - this how G's ride
From the North to the South to the East to the West, let's go
[Hook][Fabolous] + (Nate Dogg)
Yo ma, I got you stuck off the realness
The name's Fabolous, you heard I be
In them trucks wit the wheels glissed
In V.I.P, with buckets of chilled Cris'
'Click, click', who the fuck wanna feel this?
I still got them blocks movin, and the system in my truck
That can make it feel like the block's movin'
My 6-4's, wit the wheels and the shocks movin'
Them boys in blue with the shields and the Glocks movin'
(You can't deny it) I'm the same ol' G
The Guc' frames got the same gold G
Duke can you frame O-3, 'cause if you see me on ya corner wit a 40
It ain't gonna be named Olde E
I might be in Chuck T's, or the Chukka's
And if your duck cheese I'mma fuck her, duck these motherfucker
Ghetto Fabolous, nigga I ride 'til I die
Hollerin' 1-8-7 when I ride through the Stuy, fool[Hook][Nate Dogg]
It ain't really dat hard, to get fucked up
Its really quite easy, just step up
I'mma knock him so hard, on his butt
Just like he been drinkin', like he drunk
The fat bitch stood up, just stood up
She bout to be singin', turn it up
You won't hear a thang, know you won't
You too busy sleepin', won't wake up
You can't deny it
The kid pull the four out a little quicker
You might end up the reason, ya homies
Will have to pour out a little liquor
Every stack that a draws out a little thicker
I get brain, kick the whores out a little quicker
You kids rap; that's cool
But the kid's wrapped in jewels, the kid clapped that tool
Kidnap that fool, you don't wanna wake up gettin told
That ya kids trapped at school
When the time's right, I'mma put this nine right
To the left side of ya head, push ya mind right
It's still nuthin' but a G thang, I thought you knew
And I'm bout to do the numbers that they thought you do
Still don't know me, still jump in a Lex
The chain so icy, I got chill bumps on my neck
The NARCS heard, how the krills pump in the 'jects
Still bump in your decks, still dumpin' the TEC, still

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