Damn, Are we dere yet? noAre we dere yet? noIt's a long way, yesA long way, life’s greatEvery day yeah, every day yeahYeah! Everyday yeahBrought my courageThis life’s greatIts a long way, its a long wayAre we dere yet? no Dere yetAre we dere yet? oooAre we dere yet? Dere yet, noDere yetAre we dere yet?Well it's a long wayIt's a long way it's a long wayBrought my courage, oo its a long waySo great, well it's so greatAre we there yet? Oo Are we there yet
Are we dere yetAre we dere yet? Dere yetAre we dere yet? ooAre we dere yet? Dere yetDere yet
Long way Its a long way, its a long way
Every day yeah! life’s greatLife’s great its a life’s grace so its yeah yeah yeahAre we dere yet? are we dere yet?Are we dere yet oo are we dere yet?
Long way Its a long way, its a long way
Are we dere yet?
Got my luggage, look like insaneFill it up to the brim in the endI’m going somewhere, don’t know itDestination unknown its higher conscienceTheir sin is 5th one, have to look through the constellations indeedGo look up oo just look up ooI’m a corporal oo a soldierMy thoughts then, thoughts then, thoughts then are insane

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