Young Money Shit man
Check , Uh [Verse]
They Scream Murder
I hear no evil, See no evil
I fear God. I fear no equal
One life no ones left in no sequel
Same flesh as my flesh Except my soul ain't see through
No trust in people
Move through cold sewers and limits is signed to us
Only hope is illegal
I seem to escape confinement
Slipping flows under the door and through the peepholes I peep through
The suns balanced. tell me how the son Keeps Conscious after malicing some talents
I'm Unbalanced, Flipped weight I still have it from practiced skills that's real dope
I flip talent
That's Check mate
I pray I have a check made out to long life without stress of getting debts payed
I'm Off track
I try to keep myself ahead
You can find my train of thought on the express way
Don't mind me I spit like I'm trying to get me to sign me
It's harder to find me I can't remember where I placed myself
I escaped myself
So How the fuck could myself to remind me?
I mean real music and real people Like large haystacks with Little needles
Can't Discover, I mean Either other that heal people
Couldn't shoot down at two steel eagles
Instead I spit bars that kill egos
Just watch me go, Better with time
Wine, My flows water Yet I spill veno
I die tryin' Keeping One zero's
Hard to keep a dollar where they steal, grip Steel and Kill Heros
So hold that
Whos to tell me that I ain't nothin' next to where I came from
It's not a come up it's an upset
Now you can find me on the Strip tryin' to tell a bitch I just fucked that I don't love her
I just love sex, And money of course. Shit like that
Ain't have a pot to piss in so how am I gon' shit like that?
I hear them talking like "How Euro get like that?"
He was just on D5 he ain't rich like that
You're damn right. I don't eat right
I can barely Find a meal. No one told me I could lose my mind tryin' to find a Mil'
Fuck it, I keep the money because I can't keep still
I'll walk around the Hit factory looking for a deal
Third world stugglin' to First world Stugglin'
The waters not hot and the baths not bubblin'
The heats not on. In the house no cuddlin'
And the shots in the night. the streets scream trouble
And the cops keep rushing and the people stay muzzled
I never seen a cop in the Dominican republic
And if i see a cop in the Dominican republic then
He probably holdin' rocks when your straps out in public
They can legally technically rob your ass in public
But I say no more and keep 3 eyes open
Because the truest shit I heard is in my mind done spoken
Now every hand I shake is like a sharp knife pokin'
I said every hand i shake is like a sharp knife pokin'

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