{*sample repeated: "Battle anybody, I don't care.." --] LL Cool J*} [Erick Sermon]
Yo, aiyyo it's crunchtime, time for action, time in
I explain time after time, time and time again
Time's up, Def Squad called time out
Can't hold back the shit, so I flip myself aside out
Dramatics, they act in classes, act what
Actin like suckers raw, act enough to get they ass whipped
Ask for the acts and ask for the axe
They get as actors, Beams, Navs, and Ac's
Still navigatin rap cats, attack on tracks
To flow til I fall off the atlas map
(And stomp a cat) til they frame mats to mat
Not my bloodtype, DNA mismatch
(Aiy-yo) Where there's a will there's a way
(Tell 'em Green) But you will get wheeled away
All is said and done, you're dumb, just dumb
Bust dum-dums at kingdom, take they free-dom
He's done, E done did it
Easy go, easy come when E come widdit
Come witness, dis +Strictly+
+Unfinished+ +As Usual+ +Never Personal+ +Business+[Hook]
Y'all don't really wanna fuck with that {*Hell no!*}
It's not where your head is at {*Hell no!*}
Y'all don't really wanna fuck with that {*Hell no!*}
It's not where your head is at {*Hell no!*}
I will.. "Battle anybody, I don't care.."
E will.. "Battle anybody, I don't care.."
Sy will.. "Battle anybody, I don't care.."
We will.. "Battle anybody, I don't care.."
[Sy Scott]
Yo, yo, yo
Yo sticks and stones break bones but Glocks'll kill you
Revolvers could pop you but automatics'll drill you
I spit lyrics up til they spill through with blue mold and mildew
Enough to clean these preachers to the fifth pew
The shit stink like pee-yew, G2-D2
Versus R2-D2, please move peaceful
Bulbasar smash the Pokemon powers of Pikachu
Faced against Yui Oshamitsu
I speak in two's like I had two faces
Get deeper than Tomb Raiders, open and shut case
Like suitcases, Dark Forces couldn't take it
If you had NATO backed by Duke Nukem with two lasers
My true nature bite you and your face out
Leave you on the ground pointin finks out
Scatterin towards your safehouse, the illest nigga that's out
I brainstorm til the whole rap game get rained out
Don't make me get a hat and start pullin names out
Change the outfit, get the thang out
Make you wish you never came out, get laid out, without an 8-count
Get up, get out, and stop tryin to play house[Hook][Erick Sermon]
Yo, don't exchange with E in exhibition, I'm a expert
Feelin the overexhausted from the leg work
Write hate mail through e-mail
Talk on my cell, my cell charged like D-cells
I hate the flows MC's they use these days
It's overused, used too much these days
E explain, X mark the spot, I rock the spot
E-Dub the name, and that's Sy Scott
[Sy Scott]
Who wanna battle? The beat beat badly in battle
In battle I paddle like world-class battlers
In the heat of battle, true MC not abbreviation
Bout to bring cold war to radio stations
I'm Master Tsin, the excellent Master Chen
Spit like I got two mouths connected to an extra chin
My foreign is forum
Embryo MC get brain aborted before they born and made organs[Hook]

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