Quest for Fire lyrics

[Verse 1]
In a troubled world, all are on the chase
To see if there is more in this real life maze
So sincere indeed, seeking what they need
Here is what they'll do, on their way to go beyond [Chorus]
Hail the quest for fire
We will follow[Verse 2]
Hold their breath til death, makes them disappear
When they've played their part, see them reappear
For a million men slavery will end
Never more enslaved, this time they shall be saved[Chorus]
Hail the quest for fire
We will follow[Bridge]
As the chosen ones we will carry on
With the cleanest hearts we will follow[Guitar Solo][Chorus]
Hail the quest for fire
We will follow[Verse 3]
Relieved from disgrace, our wave will grow
We'll escape the maze with convincing glow
Here's what's on our minds, for the bottom line
Here's what we'll do, on the way to go beyond[Chorus]
Hail the quest for fire
We will follow

Equinox – Quest for Fire

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