Here I am, you think I don't give a damn, you know
You are wrong, listen to this song
Look freaked as hell, and I might as well
'Cause no matter what I do it won't change your point of view
See, I am me, it kinda makes me free
To do what I like, this is what I like [Verse 1]
When it comes to booze I'm pretty loose
I'll pour it down 'til I spin around
The drinks I drink, the drunks don't drink
These blood shot eyes conceal my highs
But I don't mind, as long as I feel fine
And when I drop I'm bound to stop[Chorus 1]
I'm a godamadog
Are you a godamadog?[Verse 2]
Analyze, criminalize
My only crime is I cheat on time
If you see the whole you'll hold control
But what you see is only part of me
My advice is mind your vices
Before you reach for me to preach
[Chorus 1]
I'm a godamadog
Are you a godamadog?[Guitar Solo][Chorus 1]
I'm a godamadog
Are you a godamadog?[Verse 3]
Spend your life as a husband or a wife
Spend your days in the average daze
But not for me, no I'm gonna roam free
Gonna drink my beer, gonna grow my hair
'Cause in the long run we're gonna spend our share of fun
Among all big jokes, you'll find the biggest hoax[Chorus 2]
I'm a godamadog
You'd better be a godamadog
Be a godamadog

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