[Verse 1]
Conveyer of truth
Scanning every level, inch by inch
To make sure nothing slips my eye
Collecting facts, I will risk my life [Chorus]
The observer
Conveyer of truth[Verse 2]
An excessive scheme
Gathering occurrences
To spread on every living thing
For better, for worse, I pass my messages[Chorus]
The observer
Conveyer of truth[Bridge]
The greatest lie of all
Permeating all we say and do and think
It's never challenged
I try this hard to make you understand
The observer
Conveyer of truth[Verse 3]
Sitting on my perch
Watch you people blame it all on God
To lift the burden off your back
Trying hard to stay on top of time[Outro]
The observer
Conveyer of truth
Of truth

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