(A million, a million)
(A million, a million)
(A million, a million)
(A million) [Verse]
Look, he call me sweet chocolate
But I rhyme bitter
Far from my mother's land, but I's no nigga
Pseudo-intellects speakin', that's the main trigger
Figure, how speak if you don't know?
You peak at the bottom slope, it's me in the end-zone
And him in the friend-zone, that's 'til I get bored
Like entertain me, entertainer, but on my own accord
I don't seek no validation, I give my own applause
Ooh, checkmate
This ain't snakes-and-ladders, this a chess game
But snakes, they wanna use your ladders just to get paid
My loyalty's a virtue, I never played out
So like I've never had a curfew
Your style is played out
And all you use is sampled perfumes
I'm so damn London, I'm so South East
Look, I'm so Nigerian, I'm so naïve
I wanna see the best in you, but you constantly
Remind me why I don't mess with many
If you see me on the road, holla, say "ENNY"
Oh, you're really on this grind, tryna stack pennies
Proud, family look ties to me, mean
Just love and loyalties
This my Ninety's baby flow
This my JAY-Z swag
This my puttin' in that work to secure the bag, facts

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