(Oh my God, Alec) Me and my Glock one and the same, 'cause we both got extensions
And don't you try give me your heart, 'cause I got bad intentions
I'm really a good girl at heart, I just make bad decisions
And I get way too much money to fuck on an average nigga
Don't bring up my last nigga, ain't claimin' none of my past niggas
I love a go-get-me-a-bag nigga
Put me in Hermés, no Hilfiger
He broke, hell nah, I can't deal with you
I'm a real big deal, can't chill with you
You a boss, I'ma run up a mil' with you
I love me a be-in-the-field nigga
I know you wanna fuck on meReal dеal stepper, the biggеst B
He say he love me, whatever that is
Niggas cappin', pull up clappin'
If you see me with your ho, don't know what happened
Don't be askin'[Chorus: Enchanting & Kali]
I been runnin' through this bag like it's track and field
Only fuckin' with them niggas got them racks for real
Too much money on a bitch, gotta be strapped for real
If he broke, he ain't no option, gotta play the field
Bitch, I'm all pressure, lil' body, big stepper
Gotta talk heavy, you ain't met a bitch better
Girl, these niggas, they ain't got it like they said for real
Fuck his bag up, run off like it's track and field (Kali)

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