Eagle flies across the flag
Bureaucracy is such a drag
Behold a pale horse tonight
The men in black are out of sight (chorus)
She comes...
He comes...
We come...
She comes...Across the oceans in my mind
Across the skies I left behind
A land of opportunity
A land to fill MY DESTINY!EMIGRATE! (x4)I've been alone a long, long time
So what, I take what should be mine
I've searched the sea of empty eyes
And severed all my family ties
A mercenary feeds my soul
A plastic world, no getting old
A monkey wears the age-old crown
The other monkeys getting down
She comes...
He comes...
We come...
She comes...
WelcomeEMIGRATE! (x4)Walk through fear!
Leave you, dear!
Never wanted to create a tear!
Walk through fear!
If you dare...EMIGRATE! (x5)

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