[Verse: Emdee Wright] They know the bars heavy, we weigh in kilos
Memories never fade like I’m pops to Willow
Back when i used to live with my uncle Milo
Tryna shoot my shot at girls like Tyler Herro
Still reaching for the top with all key woes
No L’s, no zero’s, did you feel the wind blow
Niggas tryna stop my shine like i ain’t tryna win tho
Condensation fogging up the window, better lay low
But it’s that winning flow, kawhi buzzer beater
She gave me that sloppy sloppy, didn’t take a breather
Want me to feed her, Ii got a great appеtite
I had to eat her so good, shе always coming at night
Either way my nigga, i be feeling so blessed
Working on my goals sometimes i do need some rest
Objects and fancy things, i was never impressed
Guess I’m different than other folks who cry for success
Just doing my thing in order to be well established
Far from average, ball like i play for the mavericks
Had issues with couple homies and now we passed that
We make money, we making moves, until are pockets fat
It’s time to bring the truth, and knowledge to the table
Had no co sign from anyone or any major labels
Always been the humble type, yeah I’m truly grateful
For everything I’ve accomplished since the first day of April
Did it my own dawg, i don’t feel no pity
Came here to bring the heat like my name was jimmy
I’m trying to get it bumping like Montreal city?
Bumpy roads got me doing the Steph curry shimmy
I was told by any means you can achieve your dreams
The journey is yet to be finished and man you must believe
The hate is quite subtle, shit be so deceiving
Thankful for the love that i be receiving
Golden Hour

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