No Confidence Man (Live at Umbra Penumbra, 9/17/1994)

Elliott Smith


[Verse 1]
Charlie got a band in his hand
A rubber loop
Says I'm the man you really want
So just act natural
Don't try to tell me your bullshit scheme
'Cause I have no idea what you mean
No idea
I'm just trying to sleep [Chorus 1]
I've heard quite enough
Just to listen is really tough
'Cause you're on it all the time[Verse 2]
Hearing the bells it's 9 A.M
You better wake up your friend before he won't wake up anymore
'Cause I got to split, I'm late to leave
He gave me nothing but griеf
And some bullshit story only I would believе[Chorus 2]
I've heard quite enough
I hurt quite enough
You're on it all the time
You're on it all the time
You're on it all the time
And you're full of it all the time

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