Half Right (Live at Umbra Penumbra, 9/17/1994)

Elliott Smith


I don't have very good hand writing
(Yup) [Verse 1]
Well, you shouldn't doctor yourself
Well, I pictured somebody else
What's he look like?
What's he look like?[Verse 2]
Would you say that the one of your dreams
Got in you and ripped out the seams?
That's what I'd say
That's what I'd say[Verse 3]
He was a sucker for your double-dose
Motherfucker turned white as a ghost
Don't you say hi
Don't you say hi[Verse 4]
With a broken sink for a face
And a head that just takes up space
He's not half right
He's not half right
He's just half-assed
And it won't last[Verse 5]
I was sticking up for my friend
When there's nothing much to defend
It's a lost fight
It's a lost fight[Verse 6]
'Causе when I talk to you on the phone
Wеll, it's just like being alone
It's not half right
It's not half right

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