Crazy Fucker (Live at Umbra Penumbra, 9/17/1994)

Elliott Smith


That's another standard folk song [Verse 1]
He's a busted main line but you ought to hear him out
Bleeding fortified wine out of the injury that I call my mouth
I just wanna insult some crazy fucker from the south[Chorus 1]
Whose arrow comes to pick me out[Verse 2]
And so I'm waiting for a shot of white noise
I don't wanna hear no stupid screaming little half-assed middle-class boy
'Cause I've got a headache
And I'm already full of useless stories[Chorus 2]
Arrow, come pick me out[Bridge]
'Cause I've got a headache
And I'm already full of these useless stories[Outro]
So arrow, come on, pick mе out
Arrow, come on, pick me out
A broken arrow
And pokе it in from home

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