The World of Fantasy lyrics

Kerry louise taylors part
Their living in a fantasy
They living in their own world
Can't tell em nothing
Cos they already heard
What they wanna do in life
We made it every day
We stayed real true
Never fade it
We got real life lyrics everyday
And they never go away
We keep streaming on the map in my spray
N I swear even if I'm at the back
It's my day and I'm there cos
I keep trying every night
Even when I cry
It was deep in that light
But I always tried
And always did my from the start
You can see if their was a camcorder in my life
Yh I be it
Every part I make every move take
Every part of the cake
That we share cos we the realest
N we care
And we got it real life
And we there
They just living in a fantasy
And that's when I'm there

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