It was just about a year ago I woke up from a dream
That filled my soul with wonder
Where the heavens rained down water and it filled the lakes and streams
And the world was shook by thunder
And the waters came together til they formed a mighty sea
And all the land went under So I started making plans and my sons all felled the trees
And the wood they set to planing
While the women built the stockpile of provision grain and seeds
And relationships wеre straining
All the town folk think we’rе crazy when we pass them on the street
They look down at their feetIt’s 300 cubits long
Like the belly of a bird
Three decks high and strong enough
To ride upon the surgeSo gather up the grandchildren and all the ones we love
And the animals for breeding
Don’t forget the donkeys and the ravens and the doves
Someday we might need them
There is nothing we can do now for the ones who will remain
And the sky that looks like rain
And the sky looks like rain

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