Sleeping lyrics

One night of pleasure
We lie together
The moment is so fleeting
Drifting out of time
Your hand in mine
Your breathing soft and even I lay my head to rest
Upon your chest
I hear a lone heart beating
A gentle wind blows through
Open windows
I love to watch you sleepingYou sow your high ideals
In fertile fields
Your golden harvest reaping
You've shown your hand the
Child boy man
The treasure you've been keepingSo unafraid to face the day
You lift the shade on all the meaning
The clock ticks, your lashes quiver
I love to watch you sleepingI know
It's an illusion
I know
There'll be confusion
I knowSomeone's always leaving
But on a night like this
After the last kiss
I love to watch you sleeping

Eliza Gilkyson – Sleeping

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