Our Time lyrics

Foolish boy-man child
Running wild and so unthinking
Stealing worthless secrets
From the dark mind Try to be a man
To make a stand
On sand that's sinking
This is what it takes
To live in our timeAnd I do
You know I need you
To shine your light
Through the sorrows of our timeAnd I hope there's a dream
There for you
I can help make come true
At this moment in our time
Our timeHumble conquest pales
Before the tales of superheroes
Common soldier
Fails to win the brass ring
Try to beat the odds
Among your gods
You're less than zero
Cheap diversion hails you
When you're passingAnd I hope
That you'll make it through
I'll be watching for you
In the shadows of our timeAnd I do, don't you know I love you
'Cause you help me get through
The sorrows of our time
Eliza Gilkyson – Our Time

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