I remember yesterday
When I become the moon
How all the stars came out to play
We danced away the gloom Circled 'round the ring of stones
Before they fell in ruin
I can hear our voices still
When I become the moonHigh Diana ruled the wood
Traces still remain
Shared the wisdom and the herb
Shared the joy and painEchoes of life's passion play
Still haunt the bride and groom
But they'll be wed again someday
When I become the moonSoldiers of the holy war
Holy greed command
Claimed the Earth and all her shores
Stole Diana's landBut in my heart there lingers still
The dark of her perfume
I drink the earthy wine until
I become the moonAll that's left is history
And Diana's blood and bone
Fragments of a mystery
Her story is our ownBut undercover of the stars
Her secret is exhumed
I bow before her beauty now
And I become the moon

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