I wake up in the morning
Dogs are barking, birds are singing
New day dawning
I’m so worried ‘bout everything Thank god I’m breathing
I’ve still got my wedding ring
But time is fleeting
I’m so worried ‘bout everythingOh Eliza you try so hard you don’t see nothin
Blue horizon and you’re expecting rain
Lift your eyes and you just might find
You see something good, Eliza
Little Liza, oh Eliza
Little Liza JaneThis world’s still got half a chance
Still got half a voice that’s singing
Still doin that doomsday dance
I’m so worried ‘bout everythingSwing her 'round the one-way track
Like you’re ringin' around the rosie
Aleman left and you can’t go back
Do-si-do, do-si-do-si
Eliza you try so hard…

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