I posted pictures on my Facebook site
A shooting star in a long dark night
A lonely kid beneath the basement light
With thunder in his hands My parents wonder if I’m doin’ all right
They keep the gun case locked up tight
With the key hanging there in plain sight
While I make my plansIt won’t be long before I come undone
There’s no tomorrow for a wayward son
What will they say then ‘bout their pride and joy
Their American boy?It’s not the world they always said it would be
A shining pearl waiting there for me
A golden girl who would care for me
A future I could ownThey messed my mind with every kind of med
Now voices whisper in my head
Telling me softly I’ll be better off dead
But I’m not going aloneIt won’t be long before I come undone
I’m gonna blow my world to kingdom come
Once I was someone’s only pride and joy
An American boy, American boy
It won’t be long before my time has come
I won’t be sorry for this thing I’ve done
Maybe somewhere there’s everlasting joy
For an American boy, American boyI built a bomb down in the basement light
Went to the prom on a Saturday night
I didn’t blow it cause the time’s not right
But it’s close at hand

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