Okay, boys! I was born one night, full moon high
The wolves were howlin' by my side
I was born and raised to form a band
And cast my spell across the landI'm a Bad Motherfunker
Bad MotherfunkerI dress in black, can't stand the light
I'm a voodoo child prowlin' through the night
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
The Devil's music, honey, it's my lustI'm a Bad Motherfunker
Bad Motherfunker
Yes, a Bad Motherfunker, baby
Bad Motherfunker
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahLemme show you what it's all about!
Ow!I'm a Bad Motherfunker and I do what I like
I go wild when I party and I stay up all night
I go for total confusion, got the cops on my back
And I might as wеll enjoy it
While I lead thеm off the trackOw!
Bad Motherfunker
It's a real Motherfunker for you
Baby, baby
Bad Motherfunker
I'll come and getcha, baby!

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