The 201st Event lyrics

-a selection -of randos who happen to be vaguely -involved -in healthcare present to you The 201st Event
-a pandemic simulation that has -absolutely nothing to do with -our plans for next year This totally-the-worst-disease-ever began in healthy-looking pigs
Months or perhaps even years ago and nobody noticed
A new coronavirus was totally spreading around in pigs
But not doing anything so nobody noticed it was there
So there wasn't actually any danger to humans
But gradually farmers started getting sick
Affected peoplе got a respiratory illness with symptoms ranging
From mild flu-like symptoms to sеvere pneumonia
Oh no, be scared
The hospitals actually started having to give a shit about the sickest people
And put them in intensive care—many died—you believe me now
People posing as healthcare experts and people you didn't elect to be your masters agree
That unless it's quickly controlled it could lead to a severe pandemic
That totally wipes out humanity, I swear
Good courses of action all involve wiping out your ability to feed yourself
"We could be looking at double
"The number of cases in one week
"That's 16 times as many in a month
"If we are not able to stop the spread
"That would be on the order of half a million cases
"en it would continue to rise exponentially
"In three months we could be approaching ten million cases."
"We're at the start
"Of what's looking like it will be a severe pandemic
"End there problems that are emerging that can only be solved
"By global business
"And governments working together."
Jump forward!"After schools shut from Friday-"
"They will
"For the vast majority of pupils
"Until further notice"
Think about the long term!
If we don't get those numbers up
We will all die
And it will be YOUR goddamn fault!!
Wait... IT'S TOO LATE!!
"The question is cenue
"Really promote commitments
"to doing this as quickly as possibleing it people ascence
"that actually if they contribute more...
"That they will have a-a better chance of protecting their own populations-"
How can you still think I'm lying
When you can just go and watch that yourself?
They planned what they were going to do this year
& Slavery Passes will cut you off from life"Public health agencies have issued travel advissories
"While some countries have banned travel from the worst
This happened in real life too
"A ripple effect is raising through the service sector
"Governments that rely on travel and tourism as a large part of their economies
"are being hit particularly hard."
The simulation's inaccurate—The simulation's inaccurate (They recovered fucking fine)
"If there's some sense that there's a UN institution that can do all of this
"I worry we're suffering from a delusional disorder
"On the power of the UN."
Do not underestimate them!
"What is essential what is non-essential travel, we have to clarify this
"Otherwise if we go down to twenty percent bookings over a long period
"The company will run down. That's a fact."
For real, they're making you lose your jobs to this
Claiming doing them's not essential to allow you to live
I don't care if your immune system stops working
They WILL let you take time off to be sickThe 201st Event, predicting how the future might, or will, go
It's totally gonna be an endless cycle, cycle
Of pandemics, I swear
They'll somehow manage to kill you all
Publishing this makes you know what we'd do if it was real
So if we started doing this, you know it must be real
Even if it's not, you still comply
I guarantee they win
I guarantee they win

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