Ayo, EK, bring your fucking ass in here and bust some raps!
I'm the sheep devil, sleep never
These fiends stepping, want beef? Let us
We shred 'em, like leaf lettuce
I keep weapons on each measurement
You see me, you seen terror
But I just wanna see if you can bleed redder
Lamborghini, laughing gas, three heffers, dream reckless
I hit up my dude, my weed expensive
I get it for the low, what I need is given
I hit the booth with sixteen pens and go in
It helps 'cause I read heavy
Cogon Bay robbed a bank, and got away
Even with a couple of police sketches
Hope you're safe, knock your face a block away
See him and I run him up a tree, help him
Let's bowl for hate, shock the states and not be late
Reeking of the skunky, red and green, hairy
Dope we take, doctor's can't just operate
Let's cause havoc and mock who shakes
Yo, this rap shit is past victim status when it's mismatched
My life opens before me, and rappers, they better get back
'Cause they've been whack; my pen scratches shit that splits backs
You rapping sounds more pointless than a diss track to Riff Raff
Yo, I'm not headlice, but you're 'bout to see this kid scratch
Better know we're at your door with goods, and we get scratch
And why not? I don't give a fuck about who's running for president
When residential estates end up creating evidence
America's upset again, and cops have been so fucked up
To go mad with power, assert and then devour
A scoundrel in a uniform with a gun
And a bullet's in the man that done called 911
They ask me why I always look so mad
Cause I fucking want a good girl who loves Hip-Hop and cloudy marijuana, son
But a faithfull one is looking hard to go see
A chick that really know me better know if a flow's weak
Snoop got arrested and he kept it OG
FTP, fucking pigs ruined it for Sweds
Greed: the comfort of catching a big celebrity
And booking them is pushing the assumption you're not veteran, but rookie
Or crooked, you're roaming around the lonely town, on patrol where your home is around
There's people sleeping safe and sound when the police ain't out
But when they are, neighbors awaken, beholding the sound of straight death
Eight pigs flex they pecks, make stress
Fake shit helps me clench my chest
I can see that your journey has led you here
Been a bumpy road, and hella darkness in the rear
So take a walk with me as boredom disappears
Ain't trusting autopilot, let a nigga steer
Hunger in my stomach, I punt it up in abundance
Abruptly I get it up and I'm wondering why there's nothing in front of me
Got the munchies, I love it, yet it's disgusting
Reluctantly look at dumbasses, pumping it with a plunger
I'm comforted to know that I'm not too stressed
And I wanna give you my vibe if you feel not too blessed
'Cause the sun is still shining, so get it while there's still time
And if a hater in your face, you'll be gone, so fly
'Cause positivity is really all you need to win, baby
Even though the negative is all that you've been in lately
My advice to you is if the future's looking grim, face it
'Cause maybe you can then save it
Look, I've seen the birthday girl cry when she paid the price
And I had plenty opportunities to save a life I didn't take
Yeah we all got our regrets
From walking without a check to stomping on private jets
Put a chip inside my glass, so I had to make a bottle pipe
I'm a gringo that can smash and make Lafawnduh cry
If I was ever in a drug bust, I'd rob 'em blind
Stealing all the evidence right after they just solved the crime
Elevated to another planet, and it all rewinds
Random nights when selling weed kept the car running
Blue lights, hit a left and I dart from em
Cancerous bitch is in my face, spewing tumors at me
Over some bullshit; notice I won't kiss your ass cheeks
Don't get mad at me 'cause you wasted your beauty badly
How about you fucking pull the plug? Leave us stupid bastards
And then maybe after you die, you'll live the future backwards
I was hoping that at work I might see what's-her-face
But then I got word that she quit yesterday
There goes a chick that I adored from afar
She passed my way, jaw hit the floor; I orbit in awe
I take another lap, but understand it's more than a gawk
It's not a story, y'all; I can see way more than her flaws
I tell you, age is just a number that the corporate law
Will try to make you think you know about what's moral and not

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