(Banana Clip)
Alright dude, we need to fucking talk
What's up?
(Banana Clip)
You better do something different with this one, bruh
What you mean, bro?
(Banana Clip)
You better stop being so goddamn whiny and bitchy this time, dude. You need to lighten the fuck up
But it's hard, bro you know, when I feel like--
(Banana Clip)
You only feel that way because you keep fucking thinking about it, stupid. Now get that shit out of your head and write some dope verses. Don't nobody want to hear your fucking feelings anymore dude, you're 20
Hey, don't you got some lambs to sacrifice or something, man? What's your fucking problem?
(Banana Clip)
My problem is you don't shut up about your problems
Where's Oozie?
(Banana Clip)
Man, fuck him! Now get in the fucking booth and I'll play the beats
Okay, but what am I supposed--?
(Banana Clip)
I don't want to hear not one motherfucking word about your girl problems. I will slap the shit out you, bitch
So this your whole thing?
(Banana Clip)
Stop being funny and spit, ho
Alright, man. Fuck it, I guess. Play the beat [Verse 1]
Never get enough of rapping, similar to Santa's elves
Colder than a polar bear, stacking heads on every shelf
I'm so fucking twisted that I met with Slender Man
Grabbed him by the cleft chin and rammed him through the ceiling fan
Swinging on her man like he started it, I don't know
Heart calling out, get the cardiac dial-tone
Saying I be jealous, but it's hardly that, I don't know
Feelings in my way, but emotion I don't try to show
It's past comical, you fags think you're deadly
I'll tie you up in the back of a Bentley
You try to judge and you never even met me
I'm hungry as fuck and the cabinets are empty
Me and my homies in the woods breaking limbs and burning leaves
Talking of Indians and different methods of protecting a flame
I'm vending my shame and repping the bay
I bet you that I'll fucking step on your brain, look
You ain't official, bitch, you're a fish
Bring your lady home and put my dick in her ribs
And when I'm done she say I'm bigger than him
He's better than you, shit, the tip made her twitch
I'm scheming hard if I notice that you're about to flex
You got a RC? Bitch, I got a powerjet
I'm breaking in the racetrack, lay it down and jet
And then I make a bet to dominate, an alpha-bet
A mic killer, never zip up my zipper
Clever to just get bigger
Shedder-ing beats with triggers
The chick that sits behind me in class, keep on poking my back
Don't know what she wants (Shit, maybe to see my cock!)
If we beef, know I deal a lower blow than Cadillacs
Riding low, leaning all the way back (Hold up, I'm back!)
Throw it in the bag, live a dream, betting everything
Spent so many stacks, I should seem unprotected clean
You're compromising, but it's difficult to determine
Regulate in your state as you're senating
Tell Ms. Helen that I'm better than the reverend
Banging beats, no Lex Luger, don't need a Sledgren
Just me, myself and I, I'm chilling with my brethren
EK, Raymond & Cogon Bay, we're kicking it like Tekken
On this day of history, you still don't even get it
This talent is unrecognized, I'm staying in my crevice
The mainstream media is changing for wreckage
And people go blast the shit as if it's so clever
I tell ya, I go hard like Nikola Tesla
You try to call my bluff and I'll flush on that ass, bitch
What makes it tragic is you're as about as good as cat shit
You're about to make a declaration of acting
You're never going to prosper, you're going to get slapped quick
Don't see a trampoline, you're cutting these backflips
If rapping don't happen, I'll run a train, I'll stay there
Rob it every now and then, making the bank there
Bodies in the furnace for to take away the stank smell
If I get a question about the money, then it "pays fare"
A group of snipers; that's at least 3 dots
Pretenders think they're clever with their deep sleep plots
Bandwagoners are not G, please stop
Bet you try to grow a beard, like ZZ Top
Remember Leroy Wells? Well, me neither
But apparently, we're from the same town
Kinda funny if I never see the man around
Grand Bay can't sustain EK now
Let me declare, if my haters ain't all shook
I ain't learning on how to make tapes from weight on books
But if you want to live, then you may not look
I'll conquer every fucking one of you, like Beowulf
I say you're a fruity faggot (Taxonomy!)
You went to college and majored in Fagology
Keep it patient, sicker than bad hominy
Haters entering slumber, like bad Dramamine
Make a tourniquet, leave you an invertebrate
Purposely superfluous, am I going slow enough?
See a group of German sluts, walk up and I'm poking butts
Bring them hoes to Florida, stunting 'cause I'm glorious
I spin around them in circles and show society
I can have a group of metalheads and hipsters rioting
Whenever I leave, they never say bye to me
Get a mop, clean it up, do it quietly
Rhymes fill the page up, I get the paper
Buy 40 cages, fill it full of racists
Place them in it, sensational, I'm about to bait these fishes
I'm making Jello out of human blood and facial features
What to do, what to do? I know!
I'm going to rape! Sorry, that was a typo
I'll Rap, rip a mic up, competitors might duck
Cogon Bay be coming like the Mighty Ducks, slicing punks
Killing fools like a menthol
(Yeet!) When I kick him, then his leg falls
See a pirate, rip his pegs off
I'm little, but you're fucking with a big dog
(Don't you do the bathsalts!)
Now I'm bungee-jumping off of the top of the Eiffel Tower
Bystanders might want a shower
I hop a fence before the guard's yelling "Get down!"
I say "Okay!" and leap, but I never hit the ground
Wingsuit, bitches; I'm a human bat
Hiding in the air, flying pretty fast
I'mma have a blast, kinda like a gat
Bullet flying at me brighter than a flash
It hit me in the wing, rapidly recede, crapping
Grass coming closer to me (Trampoline, catch me!)
Speed increases force down by the second
Land on the trampoline somehow naked
Surrounded by bright lights and uniforms
I'm pissed off, I'm shouting at the cops at nude in 4
Jumping up and down, yelling "What the fuck you do that for?"
(What the fuck is your problem, you motherfucker? Shit!)[Bridge]
I'm going to tell you now, you are in the crowd
Break the barrier down and come get me
See you and laugh out loud, bringing the master out
And ain't nobody scary ever around you
It's only me, there will never be another
If anybody tries, they're likely to be a blunder
Break that lock, rock those socks
Me encanta la musica
I'mma break the wall down so fast, motherfucker
(Wait a minute!)
Never will I wait for anybody on my own work
Leave with your girl, but she got a language barrier
She turn around like, "Me encanta la musica!"[Verse 2]
Hoes on my face, but this ain't MySpace
My flow be fire-flame, so don't apply brakes
I show, so why stay? Fo' sho' you'll die
(Hey!) Must be the money, drugs make me buggy!
Back in the days when we had a lower budget
Put water in our cereal, our heater was the oven
So leak it to the public, see if I give a fuck, bitch!
Pay attention
The industry is the antichrist, and nothing can be done about it
You can struggle, you can work, but there won't be no sun some out
I'm telling you, and you don't even hear me when I fucking shout it
Will this planet ever be a safer place? I fucking doubt it

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