I grew up in Roxbury
Where the street life gets colder
Looking up to niggas who was older
Never wanna hear from my Moms yo I told ya
You get locked or caught
I'mma let them hold ya
I wanna be a soldier
Kicking with the crew that's about getting over
Now I'm always high, I can't stay sober
School the fools and put work in a folder
Cause gats we pack, had Range like a Rover
Hit up your crew cause we owed you
You wanna cry find another shoulder
My block mould ya
Without no sympathy
I wish the worst death, on my enemy
You were sending me bad vibes when I stepped in the spot
Wasn't heated you was hot
Yeah we fought but I ain't forgot
I be on like the news
So don't snooze stuck in your jewels
And stay on your Ps and Qs
And walk a straight line
And watch your back nigga
Cause I'll be watching mine
"To all the killers and the 100 dollar billers"
The ism bump slangers, and all the gang bangers
"To all the killers and the 100 dollar billers"
Chumps who wanna dead us, and all the money getters Round my way it's just drugs and thugs
And drunks who bugs
But when I come around I'm giving pounds and hugs
Remembering my niggas that was shot by slugs
When kids came around and let out like clubs
Today you can play both sides of the fence
Looking out for hoopdies with tints
Kids with no sense
My man sells straps
Nobody's no prince
Cause Judas can't leave evidence
The new block
That the niggas is stationed to
They be pumping right across from station two
Facing you, racin' pacing true
Scream "Five" when you hear the jakes coming through
My man got shanked, his face turned blue
Over a trick stanked, and did the whole crew
You, can't trust nobody
Cause too many niggas got shotties
Up in house parties
Down to catch bodies
And pressing hood-rat hotties
Take precautions in the ghettos up in Boston is all
[Hook]I know a lot of young G's that get cheese
And kill ya more than bees
Make ya plead please, buckle ya knees
No sleep no z's, Oz's and keys
We leaves in trees
True dogs watch out for dog catchers
And all flees
It's from overseas in quantities
In ghetto communities
Then we all can make Gs
And get it straight, and pump weight
Spread the dollar round like paint
You think that nigga ain't
Out to get rich, see notes and hit tricks
Be fly in all gear
Push a fat whip, you trip
If you wanna, appear for the slaughter
Take a dive without water
Tryn'a be harder than you oughta
You think you comin' iller
But this be dedicated to you killers and you hundred dollar billers[Hook x2]
[Cut/scratched by DJ Nestle]
"To all the killers and the 100 dollar billers"

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