[Verse 1: 83HADES]
Fuck her from the back, I have these bitches goin', "Uh!"
All these wannabe rappers thuggin' 'til I pull a gun
Bitch, yeah, what you want?
I got lots of diamonds but I'm not the type to fuckin' stunt
And I got that bitch streamin' when I fuck her from the front
Bitch, I'm a demon, now give me all your stuff
Body's drop, pull the yopper out, I love to see 'em run
Caught a body where I'm from, even my shawty got a gun
Kill these pussies just for fun
Opps don't know 'bout what I've done
Pull her tracks off then I cum
Droppin' acid on my tongue
Watch out everybody, run
Psychopathic with a gun
[?] one-on-one
And then I toss him when I'm donе, bitch [Verse 2: EDDISON]
Mm-hm, ok bitch I like to stunt
I got a big ass Glocky, and all my Glocky's got a drum
I got a bad ass bitch all on my dick, she such a slut
I'm with the gang and that's a must
Wе smokin' dope, you smell the must
I feel like layin' up
Doin' Xanax straight off with a [?], got white like geeks
Uh, two bitches all up on my D, fuck 'em to sleep
We put FMG's inside out Glock's, you R.I.P
Bitch is big, double D, I like my cocaine and my beans
Bitch, bitch, bitch, yeah
Real crowded, you best not say a lot
Bitch you best not take a while
We catch you it's a seance
My bitch look like Baywatch
You walk round with a fake watch
We found out you a side bitch, you gon' die, got a raygun
I'm fuckin' on two different bitches, you fuckin' on the same one
I'm psychopathic with a gun
I drip too hard, I can't run
I just fucked on your bitch, and then I told that bitch that we done, bitch boy
You a peon
You a peon
Ayy, ayy, bro, gimme some Skittles, man

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