Wut Would You Do lyrics

[Intro: Eazy-E]
Inside the minds of real G's
Death Row is looked upon as the studio gangstas of the 90's

A joke *laughing* in a game called 5 minutes of fame
You wasted 4 minutes
Now you got seconds left
, kick it
[Verse 1: Eazy-E]
Come on, come all, and let me ride, nigga
Eazy-E, C-P-T, how the hell you figure
To be the best on the west, huh yeah

Fool, I doubt it, this is east side, nigga
South Compton
And I put it on the map
So what up Dogg Pound Crip
You wanna scrap
And that's comin' straight from the ruthless gangsta Eazy-E
Now what would I do, haha, let's see
Now I would take out Suge and stomp down the row
Since Dre is a bitch pimp slap the ho (ba-by)
Now I'm seein' doubles, aw man
Two dogs in a huddle, aw goddamn

Now, diggidi diggidi Daz I biggidi biggidi blast
Don’t run or i’ll smoke that ass
Now Kurupt, don't even set trip
Yellin' Long Beach 6-0 blood and puppy pound Crip
Really doe
Got my nuts on your chin
While I'm all in your philly ho
So come with it fool and test your luck and I'll beat that ass
Now call me Kurupt
Now I'm creepin' through the fog, yeah, big dog blue
Got my 9 milla-killa huntin' dog named Snoop

You can run nigga but you can't hide
Eazy-E straight creepin' on the east side
7-10 Long Beach South
Found Snoop freebasin' in a rock house
I kicks in the door, I said it before
I never let no bustas test me no more

(Murder was the case that they gave me)
(Murder was the case that they gave me)

I'll smoke all you fools even you boo-boo and your baby
(Murder was the case that they gave me)
Watch out buddy boy
Watch your back
Yeah, what would you do?
What would you do, if we rolled on you?[Hook]
What would you do
(...so don't even think about...)
What would you do, if we rolled on you
(...stepping in the goddamn house)
What would you do
What would you do, if we rolled on you
What would you do
(...so don't even think about...)
What would you do, Dirty Red
(...stepping in the goddamn house)
[Verse 2: Dirty Red]
Dirty Red, I comes on the sneak
Hittin' niggas low with the cappy ass flow
As I creep through the street, peepin' niggas from Death Row
Bet you I know, which one of y'all make the best ho
So let me break it down as I'm lost in the mist
Take word of advice and don't come fuckin' with this
It ain't a joke niggas choke from the smoke that I blaze
Purple haze you be dazed in a stun
I'll put you on your back nigga, what
I am the guts
In a Doggy Dogg World
I never run with mutts
Only nuts in their click
And dick in your mouth
The year is '95 and I'm runnin' the house
Now tell me, what can you do
Nigga, what can you do
Nigga, what could you do
If me and a few of my homies came through
Dumpin' real on you trick made bitch-made niggas
Wut could you do
Wut could you do, if we rolled on you[Hook][Outro]
Dr. Dre
Straight busta
Never broke a law in his life
Besides beatin' up Ricky Harris' wife

Snoop Dogg
From a high top fade to sportin' braids
Now he's laid

Fame no fortune
And gettin' played, not payed, played
Treated like a prostitute
And we all know who's doin' the pimpin'
Daz, don't be a follower, be a leader
And stay off the next man's nuts
Kurupt, the Kingpin, sticks with the 6-0's
Cause you don't need those other hoes
Cause they're about to go up in you
But only if you let 'em
Death Row, really doe, ba-by

Eazy-E – Wut Would You Do

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