Sippin' on a 40
And smoking endo
Sippin' on a 40
And smoking endo [Verse 1]
Ayo, let's roll to the store, Eazy-E
So we can buy us some O.E. 40oz
Gettin' a buzz with the thugs in the neighborhood's back
But buy you a couple of extra one's for the neighborhood rats[Eazy-E]
Nigga, you be drinkin' out my bottle, bitch, that's bullshit
Still got semen on ya lips from the homies dick
Trick yo the home girl
But sit you like a loose goose
So gimmie a couple of dollars, so I can bring you back a duece duece[B.G. Knocc Out]
Well, bring B.G. Knocc Out back a motherfuckin' 40o'
So me and my nigga Big Boy can go and cop some endo
And well be right back at you niggas with a quick fast
Dresta, don't forget to buy a couple of packs of Zig-Zags
Sippin' on a 40
(8-ball rollin')
And smoking endo
(nick name Eazy-E)
Sippin' on a 40
(8-ball rollin')
And smoking endo
(Drinkin' like a mad man yes I do)[Verse 2]
Back to the store all the 40 o's were kinda hot[Dresta]
Get the shit or not[Eazy-E]
Naw, lets roll to another spot
Back in the '4 to another store[Dresta]
I told you the store on 124th keep the cold brew
*Speakin' Spanish*
Make a right
The Store ain't in sight[Dresta]
Nigga, it's right pass, the next light
Pass across the light
Now, here's what you gotta do
Get in ya left lane and make a motherfuckin' U[Eazy-E]
Let's get at least 10 40's and at least 10 22's
That should be enough for the whole motherfuckin' crew
Plus they got endo a nigga's gonna be double blitz[Dresta]
Oh, give me some Zig-Zags and two packs of Doublemint[Hook][Verse 3]
[B.G. Knocc Out]
Yo Dresta[Dresta]
What's up
[B.G. Knocc Out]
Did you bring back some gum?[Dresta]
Hell yeah[B.G. Knocc Out]
Good, now a nigga breath won't be yo hum
Now pass me a stick
So I can spit game at this trick
Cause beer breath and tricks don't mix[Eazy-E]
Y'all don't give a fuck what a punk bitch stank
Cause my breath always stank every time I take a drank
40's I be downin', I'm drownin' myself
Let me hit the joint and I'll be clownin' everybody else[Dresta]
You won't be clownin' me, cause I got jokes for your trick ass
Oh bitch you tryin' tah bag, I got jokes for your bitch ass
Well, let me hit the joint once again and we can go, G
But, oh, let me take another sip off the O.E[Hook]

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