[Whisphered Intro]
One, two, three, go You go me over with your crazy eye, ahh
Only get your goodbye I can't decide, ahh
[?] for the fourteenth time all right, ahh
Lookin' for my baby and the perfect ride, ahh[?] lightning
Turn down the lightningThe day is come [?] who's floating high, ahh
You [?] I would go from side to side, ahh
And with the sky [?] we'd climb so high, ahh
And throw your hands above your head and sigh, ahh[?] lightning
Turn down the lightning
Oooh, oooh, oooh, ooohYou've, got to link [?]
Got to fly away
All the things to be
You've, got to be a [?]
Livin' on the run
Leave your [?] behindYou've got to follow [?]
Flowers in the night
Shooting up the sky
Ohh[?] Lightning [X8]

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