(Verse 1- Esoteric)
Michelle Malkin, tell your story walkin'
Hypocritical and ignorant, by your belief system your
Fingerprints shouldn't be within a single inch of U.S. soil
Your own parents are immigrants, now who is loyal?
Just think it over while defending our pursuit for oil
Play patriotic while our soldiers and our troopers boil
Spoils of the Dead, Robert Frost said it best
I'd love to see at that "Hot Air" just put to death
Michelle girl, I don't wanna confuse you
I KNOW you're off O'Reilly's show, that don't excuse you
From being a conservative, neo-nazi-hack of a journalist
That's wrong all the time and don't deserve to live
There's no alternative...actually there might be
Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter - equally demented psyches
Maybe Hannity and Savage are the key to this-
The Tennessee gunman had their rubbish on his reading list
Michelle Malkin got a jaw that would maul her own kin
She's appalled at her own skin, a witch with cauldron
Tellin' me to "dis hoes" instead of her yall
That's like saying let's "shoot hoops" instead of "basketball"
The same thing, but the insane thing
Is that she's anti-Obama, rather hear John Wayne McCain sing
Malkin's a bitch, that ain't degrading to girls-
That's degrading to female dogs across the world
"Don't you have bling to steal?" That's so stereotypical
Get me on the television I'll be Jeremy Glick'ing you
Jesse Malkin homie must be terribly miserable
Every second or minute you have to put up with this imbecile
I'm a freethinker girl, you're a lying leper
Crying with a 9-year-old's temper
Adjusting your beliefs to cater to your agenda
We both members of this prison right? But I'm an East Coast Avenger
Myspace, Newscorp, Fox try to silence me
They can't handle "the Truth" like Kobe Bryant's d
They went and censored the O'Reilly song
Like First Amendment- say good-bye it's gone but, fuckers I am strong!
Death threats, dog? the line is long
Right wingers give 'em to us with the lies they spawn
E.C.A.- we expose all the hate and bigotry
By giving yall a taste of the shit that sickens me
(Verse 2- Tha Trademarc)
Michelle Malkin, where the fuck should I start?
You no-heart-having, half-tranny, drag-queen looking manly
Does that seem a little too shallow? I'll go deeper
You're truth's grim reaper, killing the facts
You know your audience of right-wings won't pick up the slack
And your views on rap are stereotypical black-on-black crime
So stunningly blind, assuming I beat women and did time
When all of my rhymes are so politically driven they'd lose you
Fox used you, posed you as a media outlet from the out-set
Your views on Japanese internment are funny
The same thing Hitler did to Jews but you spun it into positive news
And you call me facist? While your pro-racial profiling masses is classic
That's right wing magic, taking the tragic
And wrapping it in stars-n-stripes so our civil rights are stripped overnight
I'm an addict of combatitive movements, revolution based on evolution
Masks and automatics with radical fanatics, who want change
Sometimes you gotta rearrange the whole infrastructure
Dust your weapons off, I ain't stoppin once I'm checkin off
You and Bill O right? Go ahead, read the Bill of Rights
I'll be reading Bill O's rights with victims of the Fourth Reich
You goose-stepping through the streets with huge weapons
With acts of aggression upon the 3rd World
They shit on all the wounded veterans, that's not right
How the fuck do you sleep at night?
Oh I forgot, your Rhodes Scholar stay-at-home husband ghostwrites
All your blogs and letters to fans
I bet he's kicking himself for not making you a one-night stand
I bet he's thinking like "Stan," a murder/suicide last ride with a knife in a van
(Outro- Esoteric)
Glenn Beck, hit the deck, you should think it through
Sean Hannity you really need to think it through
Michael Savage dog, you better think it through
Ann Coulter listen up you should think it through
Rush Limbaugh please just think it through
Laura Ingraham needs to think it through
Everyone of yall think it through
Or the next rhyme I write might be about YOU! Malkin: "I think calling people what they are is actually a good thing" (dogs barking in background)

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