[Intro: Duyan Joy]
I'll never feel like how we ended shit was right
We went from loving to suddenly saying bye
How did we get here, how did we get here
Sometimes my life feels way too complicated
Check-in my reservation
Smoking my medication
Im pourin’ up
Tryna get you off my mind
See, this happens every time
But lil shorty this time i ain't tryna [Verse 1]
Riding in a whip
Had to get away, because a nigga boutta trip
Im on the go with no location, I ain't boutta miss
All them lonely nights, I need a bezel on my wrist
Yeah its some shit a nigga go through, can’t hold you
I can't even try to approach you without you
Tryna go play a nigga backwards, I had you
When you told a nigga you loved me, I loved you
Tried to take it all back but see that just don't mean a thing
I got some money on my mind and I need all them diamond rings
I seen on Eliantte, losing it ain't an option
I'll keep it pushing trust me baby, on some nonchalant shit
See myself up on the road, bitches dressed down in Vlone
I got me some business keep it pimpin' girl just leave me lone
I can't say it over but its over, paused like tivo
I ain't tryna lead you on, I just think that you should know, know[Chorus]
Someday we’ll meet again
We’ll meet again, we'll meet again
Someday we’ll meet again
We'll meet again, we'll meet again[Verse 2]
Yeah, look
I be taking risks when off the henny, on emotion
Posting all them pics up on the gram, baby I noticed
I probably fell for you a thousand times like I need closure
But this time girl its over, my heart is temporarily frozen
We don't talk the same, everything is different, I am not to blame
I ain’t like these niggas fuck them toxic games
I ain't running away, Im just catching my pace, I just need me a break baby
I just gotta see what this life like, live a little more til its my time
She tend to act different in the lime light
Had her warm the bench with the sidelines
I know how it can get outside
Niggas really die every night
She dont understand, baby ima stand up like a man, just know that[Chorus]
Someday we'll meet again
We'll meet again, we'll meet again
Someday we'll meet again
We'll meet again, we'll meet again[Outro: Duyan Joy]
Don't go break your heart looking for love
Oh Oh Oh
Don't go breaking your heart

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