[Verse 1]
This morning I woke up like "ow"
My heart just doesn't know how
This dull painful ache
I can’t hardly take
This misery just might end now! [Verse 2]
I feel like my life’s on the brink
My noggin it can’t scarcely think
All the work that I gave
Crashed down like a wave
And my boat it will probably sink[Verse 3]
They say life is all music and song
But mine’s going down all wrong
I feel like Mothman
Don’t know if I can
But I still have to keep it up strong[Verse 4]
I had an unusual prayer
I asked that the troubles I bear
Would be less of a pain
And more of a gain
If with a friend I could share
[Verse 5]
In this life we will have lots of trouble
And happiness seems just a bubble
But the joy though it ends
Can be shared with a friend
And that as we know makes it double

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