[Verse 1: Lil Durk] Hit the brakes, when you hit that corner it don't flate, wet opps in your face
Up the score, drac gon catch his ass, put him on a chase
Keep a clip, don't switch on the clique, tottin baby K's
Cause we on his ass, with ski mask, choppa hit his face
What's that odor?
Niggas smokin Za in that black Toyota
Run em over, I can't take no chances homie killed my brodie
He was chillin, babysitting cousins watchin Zack and Cody
Saw the news, so I hit up Drake
Told him grab the .40
Fast forward, we on 95 I got pulled over
It's a cop, but it's a bad bitch, so I talked her over
Ima pimp, I can't be no simp
I'm like Casanova
Got her number, I still got a ticket
But I ain't trippin homie[Verse 2: Polo G]Know them killers stay with me just likе they chaperones
Killеrs in my circle, best believe I won't die alone
Tryna start a gang war, like a dyke might strive a [?]
Call of Duty claymore, explosives hit close to home
Load the TEC-9s, Glock .40s, and them .47s
Like my nigga Juice
I swear to god that ima die a legend
Gotta overwatch the opps, cause i'm a reaper, I'm a reverend
Niggas reaping what they sew, that's your ass, you oversteppin
Niggas act like bitches
They'll backdoor you like some politicians
Now your head's missing
Saw him through the scope like tunnel vision
Niggas claim they crippin
Til this draco fry him like he chicken
Now your homie's missing
Should've told his ass who he was dissing[Verse 3: Dshyne]Yeah we come out here man
We don't play man, we got shooters over here, gang shit[Outro]Smurk

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