My guitar
Sounds like Varg
When he tries to sing
But it’s hard
To get bought
To the metal scene
So I got
Me this far
Rapping for my dreams
And It’s all
That I want
When I turn eighteen [Verse 1]
I love the mountains
The Rockies or the dew
Don’t matter if I'm in Alberta
I'll drink it there too
I got my launcher
FTB & Technic
Been playing since 11
I guess schizophrenic
Hope you don't reckon
Nine times sixty-four stackin'
'cause my inventory's full
I'm busy netherrackin'
A lot of MC references
I know, it's getting boring
So switch up the evidences
And get to exploring
I got my bundle, it's like Kendrick Lamar
They sat their bitch ass down and are humble to us all
Enemies like Shinedown, I'm yer majesty
Don’t think this a joke, I got The Energy
Sin after Sin, be hoppin' from rock to metal
Started before Christ, got an ill mind, I'm special
I truly love my wrap with a bit of salt and pepper
Add some M*M's, Vanilla Ice, it’s a white boys malt-n-liquor
My guitar
Sounds like Varg
When he tries to sing
But it’s hard
To get bought
To the metal scene
So I got
Me this far
Rapping for my dreams
And It’s all
That I want
When I turn eighteen[Verse 2]
More cranky than a Soulja, I'm selling u garbage
Crap’s so useless, go buy some Game & Watch's
I'm up in this game boy, I got Ruby & Emerald
Spots of ink here with a trop of Fitzgerald
Girl you smell nice, must be your lavender shirt
I love I love I love I love you calendar girl
Not a Beatle but still wanna hold your hand
Walk down the beach, under our feet's sore sand
Name's Drummer LJ
A pleasure to meet
I'm your new cellmate
Your ass'll get beat
Pull out a knife & start slashing
Like I have roses and guns
You start stabbing me back
Now we're both chums
Citing more artists than the legendary Interscope
But watch your ass before I get you in my scope
Sniped you down, quick chat camper, you just sit 'n mope
Uninstall your black ops, go ahead and grab the rope

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