Pitch Black lyrics

I go my own way, just stay in your lane
I write at my own pace, I’m bout to go insane
And I feel no pain, It’s likely I’ll stay
At the top ‘cause I’m a stain that won’t go away
Bout to go from no fame to dope chains
No name to snow veins
Don’t laugh I’m not playin’
Everybody cray cray bout the things that I’m sayin’
And I’m laying down a hot new track so be patient
Oh wait, man’s not hot
So don’t listen to the new shit that I dropped
It’s fire like it’s raining World War One gunshots
Bout to be a prisoner cause I locked the top spot
You just mad cause I’m cool and you’re not
I’m ruling your spot but that spot is mine
Hopped on this beat to kick some dumb rhymes
And my work always turns powder cause I grind
No days off, don’t get laid off
Only paid off, making money like I’m Madoff
Stay killin’, Adolf and you’re way off
Gotta stay off, my turf, I’ll murder you cause I ain’t soft
Brain’s lost, I can’t remember my insane thoughts
But I can’t forget all of the track’s the thought train’s crossed
Outta my mind brain’s going into outer space
Thought train turns into a rocket as it takes off
Flying up into the sky and I’m tryna hold on for dear life
I’m not lyin’ the timing is perfect for my brain to go on a rampage
My bars are too hot but I’m cold like the ice age
Been sitting out for way too long I’m the ripe age
I’ve been on the right stage
Now it’s time to step to the light in the right way
And fly way up into the clouds and I don’t care the risks that I might take
Bout to be the man of year
Maybe someday I’ll be the one that fans cheer
Gotta steer clear of my fears when they appear
But I got too many things that are going on up here
Head spinning sideways, and life is a maze
There aren’t enough days and you are not safe
So you know that I’ma eat the competition
‘Cause I’m always making sure that I’m bringing my best to the plate
I’m laying down tracks for y’all to go play
I say it but it’s true these rappers sound lame
They’re looking faker then Kim K without makeup
Cause they only show one side of they’re two faces
Everybody knows that I’m going places
I always adapt when the game is changing
In this case I’m the one changing the game
And I don’t care I’m not gon’ let my talent get wasted
Hol’ up, I’m not done yet
Gotta make this from really really good to the best
Like when you have a substitute teacher who doesn’t know shit bout the class you’re in
There is no test, that I’m gonna make it
Competin’ with the best and the greatest
Some of my old shit could even beat out their latest
I hate to sound arrogant or like I’m bragging
But that is the truth I’m just saying (Woo!)
Ric Flair drip I’m looking like the faucet
Shooting sriracha out the uzi I sauce it up
Outta the stadium like a grand slam
Hot damn, I got way too much time on my hands
So I’m writing the verses and killing these tracks
I’m attacking you and if you try to fight back
I’m gon’ snap I got that tunnel vision like Kodak
And it’s gon’ be lights out I’m talking pitch black

Drew D – Pitch Black

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