[Verse 1]
I've been walking on a thin line
In between the things I know are wrong and right
I've proclaimed, and I've pretended
But I'm not ready for that stranger in the night
Oh and now I see
That the life I lead
Is different underneath this southern sky [Verse 2]
I've been standing for a long time
And I don't think I can do this anymore
I've been stuck here, in the same place
And I cannot pick my feet up off the floor
I was lost at sea
In hopes to be
Like driftwood off the Carolina shore[Bridge]
And though the sea gets rougher еvery day
All these crashing wavеs make me smooth
And though I'm tossed around in every way
Still I stay afloat upon your truth
Well I've been tossed around
I've been underground
And then was found by You
You made me into something new

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