Sun goes by, cannons fly up against the sky
Moon up high, banners ride Cancer 'cross Eli Hear a cry
Scenes of life reflected in the eye
Orion ride
Picture me a pencil-image lieWhen will evenin' (oh when will evenin')
Blessed evenin'
Come into our lives? (Come into our lives)Can't you see it (oh can't you see it)
And believe it?
We won't buy the liesTime will mean, only as it seems
To be driftin' between the shape and the means
Will you watch and obey, heedless and you pay
Be aware of the sign, and will you be there, there?Mindless eyes, chariots of death will be disguised
High winds glide, troopers hear not the babies sighsThey just stare
Ignorance attempting to compare
Can't they try
Looking at the writing in the sky?
Don't deceive us (oh don't deceive us)
Just believe us
Time will only know (time will only know)Not bad meanings (Not bad meanings, not bad meanings)
Not sad feelings
Just the world we showBlood is red, must it all be shed
In the light of the years, the knowledge of our fears
Can you hide in the line, reason soak your mind
Be aware of the sign, and will you be there?

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