Bruskii Ky [Verse 1]
You can't blame me if your lady rates me
I made a hundred racks before eighty
And I've done a hundred laps with an .80
Run what? Back it, too feisty
Fire the A3, run for your safety
I'm up to no good like a lazy lady
I've been 3 wars, never been in the navy
I flew out of the ride in a daily
But fuck all of that, make her drip, no baby
Tum-tum's wet like it's rainy (Tum-tum)
Give her the woody, might turn her crazy
Said she wants a man with a wap of safety, gazy
M way trips in Mercedes
Lil' bro's holdin' his beef, fly drivee
Told him to cool off if he's movin' crazy
Who am I to speak? I was movin' hasty
I swear the bruck-back wanna kick like karate
Quick like a heartbeat, lit like a party

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