Don Q Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #052

Don Q



[Verse 1]
It's don work, I bomb first, I never lost my touch
Their loss is fucked from the streets to being corporate up
It's awkward but I learned how to balance it
I murk all my challenges, lately I've been on the search like a scavenger
The back of the back, no, I don't ride in the passenger
Actual fact, no, that is not in my character
How can I complain? I could've been ridin' in Attica
Side by side with murderers, robbers and traffickers
You think all of the fame makin' me happier?
The whips and chains made me a slave, so the diamonds from Africa, yeah
They eyein' him 'cus I am him
It ain't a 'I' in team but it's a 'I' in win
[?] in from ten shots
Silencer, you'll hear a pin drop, fire 'til the firing pin drop
We will roll up on the hill like gym socks
Wherever you wanna meet, let the pin drop
Got a XXL magazine and it's aimed from the first to the tenth slot
Yeah, hol' up
This the playoffs nigga, I could never sit out
Wait, let's see what target I'ma pick out
As far as energy, you gettin' whatever your body give out
Bullets spread, when they get in, then your body give out
Next shipment that we get in I'll probably give out
To behind the wall but what they get in, they gotta shit out
You don't get your diamonds from the district, you ain't flexin'
Those ain't VVS's, nah, go and get the tester
You lyin' to the people 'til we go and get detectives
We the fake jewelry inspectors
You throwin' money in the club? Nah nigga, go and get investors
Go and put that money somewhere where they can't arrest you
You could feel the pressure, uh, it could get intense, uh
Back room smellin' crack fumes through the vents, uh
Since my last tune I had dudes in suspense, so
After me, they ain't been amused ever since, nigga
So start callin' it quit
I'm raw as the product before the soda and the water get mixed
Don [Verse 2]
Road life got me losin' sleep but I don't feel tired a bit, uh
Shows tight I do a few a week, every month I could buy me a whip, yeah
Stove life ain't new to me, I'm 'bout to fry me a fish
Need a hundred mil in the safe, but I'ma make 90 and quit
They takin' my style, just give me a portion, call it a friendly extortion, yeah
Loud pipes on the billy exhaust but really this shit get exhaustin', yeah
I can't be a fool while labeled a tool 'cus they tryin' to see me in coffins
You makin' your moves but play by the rules 'cus you know who really enforce 'em, yeah
I got some bitches in Boston, after the strip club I go and recoup, yeah
I like my bitches in groups, I'm seein' how many could fit in the coupe, yeah
All my real niggas salute, from nothin' to somethin', I'm livin' the proof, uh
My killers I'm settin' 'em loose, this shit ain't never gon' end with a truce
The way we was taught, nigga, you gon' leave in chalk, yeah
Think you totin', you a dub until we see results, nigga
Fear of God all on my feet, I know Jesus walks, nigga
Leave the court, light the spliff, put this 6-3 in sport
Since we on the subject 'bout who really run it
Talk about numbers and who really done it
Food in the jungle and I come out huntin'
Hit me with a bundle, get turned to a onion
She want some bundles that come to her stomach
I told her you buggin' unless you gon' bundle up
Right on that corner with me and go—
You see under covers, hit me if they comin', yeah
That's the player way, brand new Patek man I'm just a play away, yeah
I don't take delays, 24/7 I'm on it day to day, uh
Heard it's a purse on my head, hope you got a receipt
But I'm still alive so you gotta be cheap
How you gon' silence a beast? Kick the bitch out like she not on the lease
Pussy nigga I should make you bow down and go polish my sneaks, uh, yeah
Look at niggas tryin' to copy, I guess they're just not as unique
I took my shirt off right in front of the audience
Red or blue pill, bitch I'm Morpheus
I know reportin' it, what you want, I get it lined up and show you who core in it
Different timin' better get in line and know you niggas whinin' put a cork in it
Bitches slidin' watch me hypnotize when they hit the diamonds like a ornament
I wanted that Ralph Lauren shirt with the horse in it, momma she wasn't as fortunate
Now I'm investin' in land, I might cop me a ranch and it come with a horse in it
I'm still investin' in grams, I might cop a spot come with a pot and a fork in it
Oh it ain't hot? Then we scorchin' it, takeover the block then we auction it
I always wanted to ball, they said I was too small for a spot in the tournament
Ain't had shit for the plate at the offerin', but I had shit on the plate I was offerin', nigga

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