(What do you desire?)
This thing we got is true, yeah
Just know I love you
Just, baby, I'm gon' spend this bag on you [Verse]
I'm lookin' at God, he watchin'
Excuse if I get outta pocket
They told me to use my own words
I'm tryin to use my grown words (Tryna be grown)
I'm tryna keep it together (Uh huh)
Oh, you want me to pick up the pieces?
You ain't think 'bout what we had, yeah
That chain on his neck gon' cost him
That ring on my finger, I'm ballin' (Ballin')
They callin' me Dom C Harden (Dom C Harden)
Bitch, I'm the shit like I farted
I hop on the beat make a hit (Let's go)
He got on that beat and he charted (Facts)
You know nobody like me, I'm really the one, I'm an artist
You stupid, like, bitch, are you dumb?
How could you ever think that someone could give you what I gave
You know the dick ain't the same (He ain't fuckin' you the same)
But if we was playin' game I would play the game better than you
Fuck a bitch a lil' better than you
Better get my name tatted on you, that's true
You know I loved you from the start
You know you had my own heart (Uh huh)
You thought about us (Us)
You ain't think about trust
It's like everything I did for you (Everything I do)
Do it all, I was here for you (Yeah)
I ain't think I ain't care for you (I ain't think I ain't care), uh
I would never wish for you to see what I saw
But never mind I already been through it all
So it's okay, I'm aight, fasho
Let me take a lil' trip, I'm gone, need to get back to the coast (Back to the coast)
I need to hop back in that ghost (Back up in ella)
I need to get back to my brother (Okay)
I need to get back up in Ella
I need to get [?] and better
I really just do be wherever (Do be wherever)
I'm gettin' that money whenever (Gettin' that money)
Like fuck it, we up in Coachella (Coachella)
Man, fuck it, I'm doin' Coachella (Coachella)[Outro]

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