What do you want?
Man, fuck, is that mode do you talk like that?
The fuck do you want?
What the fuck you here?
Are you still fucked that bitch?
Ain't nobody fucked that bitch, here we go with this shit again?
Are you still...?
NOOO! I don't fucked that bitch, what the fuck you here? Get the ass on
Liar! You are a liar!
Hey yo, what time you go home? I founded in all that fucking places, what the fuck you doin?
I'm going...to go send some money, the fuck do you want, leave me fucking alone, goodbye! Hello?
Yo, what's up?
Nothing, what's going on? You alright?
I'm not alright right now, she's gotta crazy, wife thang...
She's coming out again?
She's bring the fuck out, i don't know, what the fuck is a problem?
I told you, he get deserved...
Hey yo, hold up, who is right? I'll be hold in a minute
(I'll be...)
I'll be take the doggy open

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